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Word of the Year Alchemy Kits

I love making things especially for You! By request, I'm creating a limited number of these yummy, personalized treasures.

These custom-made kits will help you to channel the energy and intention of your chosen Word of the Year. This magic is co-created by your intentions around the Word you've chosen as your touchstone for the year, and my intuitive mojo. Carry your talismans with with you or place them on your alter for a personal infusion of added guidance and wisdom!

Each kit will include one handmade Inner Alchemy Card made with the inspiration of your Word, one quartz crystal point to bring in clarity, and three customized talismans gathered and gifted to you from my beautiful collection of natural treasures, vintage finds, and meaningful tokens of love. 

Also included will be an insert explaining the meaning and energy of the different items in your kit and why I chose them for you. It will all come wrapped in a hand-stamped muslin pouch with your Word of the Year!