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gather manifesto

I gather because...  it's a way to see and be seen, love and be loved. it is how I often practice letting others in. it allows me to be met right where I am, in any given moment. it helps me embrace all the imperfections. it reminds me of exactly who I am. it connects me to others in unexpected ways. it reminds me to lean into trust, and let go of expectation. it creates space for magic to happen. it makes space for what's both messy and beautiful. it allows me to share joy. it invites all sorts of possibility. it is medicine to the heart and soul.

girl erased

Over the last month or so, my wardrobe has been shifting. If you've ever looked in my closet, you'd instantly be met with a veritable sea of black and grey. Partly it's been ease. Everything matches with one neutral color pallet. It makes getting dressed each day an act of simplicity, and not something I often have to labor over. I truly love that. I also do believe in the power of a well curated capsule wardrobe, quality over quantity, filled with only things that you really love and fit well, Kondomari style. My closet is tiny, and everything I need fits in that little corner space, even my shoes. The overwhelm of too much stuff has always made me a little cranky. Since I started running and have become more devoted to my yoga practice, I've noticed how my heart wants to stray away from trying-to-blend-in black, and mix it up with bold and bright colors and patterns. It's a small superficial change, but on a deeper level it signifies a pretty big shift for me on t

Inner Alchemy Cards Workshop

Fire  |  Earth  |  Air  |  Water  |  Spirit After many requests for this workshop, I have finally compiled the best of all the years (since 2014!) of my Inner Alchemy Card making mojo into one complete class. Instead of the year-long, season by season process, you can now create your entire deck through all 4 elements at once. PLUS a brand new 13 card Spirit element to add to your deck. This collage process is all about following your own inner guidance. What makes these cards truly magic, is the energy you pour into creating them, coupled with your personal connection to each card when reading and intuiting their meanings. They become a unique and powerful tool connecting you with your own personal wisdom! *  *  *  *  * From my Wishcraft, Create the Tarot Deck This workshop is currently closed ,  but a NEW deck is coming in 2021! To get all the info when it's time, stay connected with me here .