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a full circle moment

As I move through my Yoga Teacher Training, I realize this kind of mindfulness has been a part of my work for many years already, personally, creatively, professionally, foundationally. The alignment is spot on, and this work seems to have arrived (as big shifts tend to do), right on time.  I'd say by the time I was 17, I completely abandoned my body. Blowing out my knee for the second time and losing one of the oldest loves of my life, gymnastics, sealed the deal. It was one of the few ways, from a pretty young age, that I knew how to find joy in my body. Flipping through the air, I could always feel where I existed in time and space, beneath all the chaos and noise, every time I stepped onto the mat. I was lost without it (though didn't know it at the time), because it drastically changed my physical and energetic orientation in the world. Then it was time to head off to college to become a Physical Therapist, no longer an athlete, no longer the version of myself I once knew,