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a sky that pours light

It takes time to integrate all the magic that happens by the lake. Even 4 days post re-entry, I still can't exactly find the words to share how aligned and delicious it all felt. Like, crazy-good, and that doesn't nearly suffice. It's something in the precise combination of people, light, lake-side flow, and all the creative mojo of the moment, that makes each event so uniquely ah-mazing.  Though I was working behind the scenes this time around, I still had lots of yummy time to sink in and absorb all the abundance and grace. The feeling is the closest thing to magic I can imagine.    The Rainbow Wishing Tree got a new mission this year and I'm so thrilled that this project, that began as a visibility love bomb in my hometown, has grown in purpose and scope. It's mission is still to hold space for more diversity, more belonging, more compassion and of course, more LOVE. This will always be my mission. With most of my things still in b