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a sky that pours light

It takes time to integrate all the magic that happens by the lake. Even 4 days post re-entry, I still can't exactly find the words to share how aligned and delicious it all felt. Like, crazy-good, and that doesn't nearly suffice. It's something in the precise combination of people, light, lake-side flow, and all the creative mojo of the moment, that makes each event so uniquely ah-mazing. 

Though I was working behind the scenes this time around, I still had lots of yummy time to sink in and absorb all the abundance and grace. The feeling is the closest thing to magic I can imagine.   

The Rainbow Wishing Tree got a new mission this year and I'm so thrilled that this project, that began as a visibility love bomb in my hometown, has grown in purpose and scope. It's mission is still to hold space for more diversity, more belonging, more compassion and of course, more LOVE. This will always be my mission.

With most of my things still in boxes from my recent move back to the island, I packed the treasures that were on my current alter, items that were already working to channel in all the Squamlove. The herkimer diamond a gift from Meg, the heart with the doorway I bought in Providence during Squam in the City, the special Squam luna moth talisman, my sparkly wish bone, and my favorite labrodite palm stone, and of course my tiny pink cauldron. The little tin butterfly I found on my trip up this time, at Fig Tree Gallery, one of my favorite pit stops along the way (formerly Veggie Art Girl). I got the cutest handled basket/tote there as well!

Michelle's yoga was so dreamy, especially after dark when all the votive candles were twinkling.

The creative, waxing crescent moon was with us too.

And these words, I found for myself before I came to the lake, and I had to share <3

I even got to take a class with Amy Won, someone who I've connected with online for so many years and finally got to hug in person. We did a beautiful journey walk and then painted our experience and feelings in three colors, guided also by her gorgeous oracle cards. I pulled the Portals card - so juicy, and exactly where my life is right now, stepping into many new realms! On my walk I saw lots of cut tree stumps,  pathways, and orbs of sunlight breaking through the trees, which all represented portal energy to me. This is where my final piece landed. I even found these little pink helicopter seeds (tiny portals, for sure!), that I added to my painting. Pure bliss and joy. 

And talk about JOY -- Knit Night Bingo was SO FUN! We danced and sang and had such a sweet night of togetherness! Who knew?

I got gorgeous treasures from the Art Fair... rainbow moonstone earrings I adore, from Ashley Procopio, (that I now realize are also portals with Alex's birthstone), and a 'love' banner from Phoebe and Zoe of Untold Imprint, whose talismans I am totally coveting as well! Here's a lovely piece Phoebe wrote about last fall's event that captures the magical mojo so well.

(photo by Elizabeth)

Squam brings people together in really incredible, and often unexpected, but meant-to-be ways... Kristine, a fellow creative soul and talented photographer friend from back home, came up for the weekend Taste of Squam to experience her very first event. I love when my worlds collide, as it feels like acknowledgement from the universe that something juicy and good is about to happen. It just may be...
Even the boys got to come and get their fill of lake magic. In a full-circle way it was the perfect ending, my family by my side. Alex took this shot as evidence that I did, indeed, get my booty in the water ;) I even swam across to the other side.

This is the light I carry with me, always. A reminder that the heart of Squam always shines within.


  1. I love following along in your words and photos-- so dreamy, true and filled with soft energies that make me exhale -- ahhh. . I was there and I STILL felt it new and fresh reading what you shared here. Thank you!!

    1. Aww... it was the sweetest softness, for sure. I especially loved our time together just hanging out, reflecting and dreaming. So good <3 xoxo


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