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the good news is no one is coming to save you

There's no doubt that I was brought into this life to learn big lessons about Love. Not the flowery Valentine notions (though I do adore a day to celebrate love in all its forms, having not by coincidence almost been born on this day), but the bigger universal questions of how love connects us, makes us who we are, shapes our world and the reality we live inside of. It's all, always, tumbling around in my heart and in my head. A friend said to me the other day... there really is no happily-ever-after... and I thought to myself how this was confirmation of what I was already contemplating, and was both such a relief, yet also a heartbreaking (heart-opening?) revelation. Truth: I am someone who has always always oriented my own worth from the outside-in. It's a human thing, I think, growing up under the complete care and adoration of others and then trying to make the hard pivot to being our own center of our universe. How it went down for me looked a lot like thi

hear me roar

While at the lake, my friend Colleen gifted me with one of her beautiful salvaged words . She chose for me, "voice" . Then, in the post Squam stillness, this fiery Notebook cover came into being. It wasn't until a week or so later that I made the serendipitous connection. In this coming year I have things to say, stories to tell, wisdom to share. I am ready to roar (with love, as always), and to pour that passion out to the world through my work and creativity. It's been bubbling up already this season in the form of making -- so much deconstruction and rebuilding old into new. I've been knitting, collaging, book binding, writing, cooking, reflecting, visioning, connecting... I am in the wild flow of it all. Today I become an official employee of Squam Art Workshops . I am learning to lean into my own brand of leadership as I continue to grow into my full-time role as Executive Director come January. I can tell you that it has taken every moment since las