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even when you fall down on day one

As I write this, it's a new decade, and I'm sitting in my new home and new studio space which is slowly coming together, on the first day of a new year. Because of our move over the holidays and life just generally moving at a breathtaking pace, I have not yet had a moment to really reflect and lean into all that is beginning to take shape before my eyes. I'm really looking forward to a little mini staycation, where I can carve out some uninterrupted time to lay in bed surrounded by my notebooks and journals, float in the new huge soaking tub with yummy oils and candles, and catch up with myself to properly recognized and acknowledge all that this year has brought into being, as it truly was a year for the books. If it only had been that my separation was reconciled our family reunited, that would have been monumental all on its own. Yet, it also became the year I found my dream job (or really, it found me) as Executive Director of Squam which officially begins today ,