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Something I'm reading :: All You Can Ever Know, a memoir by a fellow Korean American adoptee and her search for her birth family. I've been reading it in small doses because so much of it feels like words I could have written myself. Nicole articulates her experiences and her story so beautifully. What medicine it is to hear other adoptee's voices. And also, this book is for anyone who has ever struggled with love and family and a search for belonging.

Something I'm Making :: Knitting up a quick pair of these mitts in this delicious hot pink Blue Sky yarn (in Lotus), that I grabbed while at Purl Soho in January. A modern twist on what Claire would have worn. I also finally used the yarn swift to roll my first ball of yarn - that was fun (Hazel thought so too).

Something I'm Watching :: Alex and I are catching up on Season 5 of The Magicians (a kind of Harry Potter for grown ups), and I'm still musing on this previous quote, "What if the bravest thing you can do is be who you are and accept the consequences?". On my own, I'm two episodes in to the new series, Little Fires Everywhere based on the book by Celeste Ng (whose first novel I loved as well). It's such an interesting, powerful, and poignant look at motherhood through the lenses of race, class and culture. Have your kleenex ready. Trying to slowly savor the episodes. 

Something I Got :: Society6 was having a big sale, so I finally ordered a bunch of my own art merchandise as I haven't seen any of it in person since creating the listings a few years ago. I've always wanted to have some things on hand to give as gifts etc. I also realized after placing my order, that part of the sale gets kicked back to my own account - funny to be my own customer! Stay tuned for a fun giveaway! And thank you to those of you who have purchased things from me in the past. I'm truly grateful, and now thinking about new things to create.

Something I'm Learning :: I recently decided to try Trello, a multimodal organizational tool, to help me wrangle all my work with Squam. I love it's colorful interface, its customizability and its integrations that allow you to connect external document and links. I needed something on my computer that felt more right-brained and a little less linear than lists of files and folders. We shall see. I also still love and use my Planner Pad to organize my week to week.

Something I'm Cooking :: When I was single and living on a tiny weekly food budget of $38 (a story for another day), this dish was one of my easiest and yummiest one-dish, go to's. It's fairly quick and cheap, uses up any veggies in the fridge, and my boys both love it! I generally don't measure (I cook the way I paint ;) So here is the basic recipe that you can adjust to your taste. The trick is to season each layer well so it doesn't taste bland and also isn't not too salty.

House Fried Rice

2c rice
2 eggs
sesame oil
olive oil
low sodium soy sauce
salt, pepper, garlic, chili flakes to taste
your favorite chopped veggies
1c of your favorite protein
something for crunch (soy bean sprouts, nori crumbles, nuts, sesame seeds)
a large skillet or wok

1. Cook rice as instructed (I love my rice cooker as it makes perfect rice every time)

2. Fry both eggs breaking the yolk and set aside. Cook your protein, and set aside. Be sure to season both with a bit of salt, pepper and garlic.

3. Chop veggies and over med-high heat stir fry to tender-crisp using approx. 1Tbsp. each of sesame and olive oil, and a drizzle of soy sauce to taste. Season with salt pepper and garlic.

4. Add the cooked rice to the veggies. Drizzle generously with soy sauce. Sprinkle with salt pepper, garlic and chili flake. Add a final drizzle of sesame oil for flavor and mix together.

5. Finish by adding in your eggs roughly chopped and your protein.

6. Serve with your crunchy toppings on the side for people to add their own, and any sauces you might like - condiments are a food group in this house (sriracha, bibim bap sauce, bulgogi bbq sauce, teriyaki) - I like mine plain. We also often have kimchee in the house to have with it as well.



  1. Okay, I'm totally gonna make that fried rice...thank you :)
    And I love that you were your own customer!
    And...the quote you shared about bravery, being one's own self and accepting the consequences...that is so good.

    1. Oh yay! Let me know how it comes out. And still musing on all the brave ways we can fully own and inhabit who we are. It's so good. <3

    2. ...coming back to say that I made this (multiple times now :) and it's so good and so satisfying.
      I think your suggestion to season each layer is key. thanks so much for sharing ��

    3. Oh, I am so glad you cam by to share that it was yummy! Makes me so happy you enjoyed :)


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