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back to basics

(thanks, Meg, for this sweet patch from your travels to Bankok!)

Even before the mass shutdowns something in the air had me reaching back and digging through the archives to remember what online life once used to be, when I first found blogging in 2005. Initially I was chasing a feeling, something easier back when life was not meant to be a brand or a message or "blog worthy", and the real and rich community that these humble online journals built. I'd gone looking for old roots to my creativity - that pure and simple spark of joy and inspiration that woke me up every day and urged me to share my creative voice and daily wanderings with a handful of devoted readers who's virtual porches I then shared in turn.

While on our walk outside yesterday exploring a trail/bike path that was once old route 95, I felt that familiar tug... notice beauty, collect moments, share inspiration. Yes, there is was... that old pull to be in the moment, grab my camera, and post a few snippets for you to enjoy. Nothing fancy. Nothing to promote. No goal other than to connect and share.

So in this time of social distancing, fast feeds and click bait, it feels like the exact right moment to get back to slow living basics including old-style blogging. I'm sure many of you still have blogs, but if you're like me longer posts have fallen by the wayside in favor of faster social media and smaller bits of content. Now we have nothing but time. In greater historical context, it's also a really interesting and significant moment to be documenting life. We are also in a moment where sustaining human connection is vitally important.

If you want to join me, I'll be sharing here a bit more regularly here and adding an old-school blog roll for you to join in and peruse (remember those?)! 

I have a feeling sharing personal stories and real slices of life is going to be necessary sustenance in the days ahead.

If you've never blogged before, its super easy to begin (not like back in the day when you have to fiddle with coding for hours on end to make things work!), and there are so many user friendly platforms that are simply plug and play. I'll always be a Blogger girl, but there is Square Space and Wordpress, and many others as well.

So from my virtual living room to yours... let's connect! You can leave your link in the comments below or email it to me directly.

Check back soon to see who is joining in!


  1. I MISS THIS SO MUCH! I miss those days of just writing whatever was making me happy or whatever I thought might mean something to others with the singular intention of CONNECTING. Thank you for thinking of this and I will be playing along. My blog space misses being used, for sure. Here I am:

    1. This makes me so so happy, Christine! I miss it too... looking forward to catching up with you in your world!

  2. I've never given up on blogging and would love to see you and others get back into it!!!

    1. Hooray! I love all the writing you share - so excited to connect with you in this way :)

  3. Hi Mindy... I love blogs and blogging! Don't do it enough. I have 2 blogs. One is introspective and seeking at
    The other is about ordinary day to day activities

    1. Whoops! First one is

  4. Yes! I'm back to blogging too.

    1. Hooray! I am so so thrilled to have your words. <3


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