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blooming in the dark

It's officially day 5 of the shut down.

I woke up extra early this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep. So instead of laying in bed awake, just before 5am I headed out for a walk. One of the sweet things about where we live now is that downtown is just a block away. We haven't ventured out too much yet, as the weather is still giving us wintery days - even a bit of snow this morning. Still, I was motivated to get out ahead of the rain to capture the stillness of the early hours and get some fresh air.

 my favorite magnolia tree in front of our library
I always look forward to its blooming

empty streets and twinkle lights

I'm grateful for so many things as we prepare to hunker down for who knows how long, and I can't help but think how if this were last March I would be completely out of a job at the local restaurant I was waitressing at to make ends meet as a single mom. How things have changed in such a short amount of time. So it felt good help Alex stuff envelopes from his school filled with grocery store gift cards for his student's families and think about other ways I might be able to help.

Even if this little blog project helps connect people as well as share more resources and inspiration, that feels pretty good. I've started adding links to other blogs who've said they'll be sharing bits of life in the days ahead (yay - thanks so much!), as well as some of my current inspiring reads. Some slower sinking in feels like just the right antidote.

And so it's on to filling the days with rest, with work, with creating and connecting, family time, and now highly coveted alone time, and maybe some of the things I say I never have time to do. Seems like all we have now is time. And also, I think it's absolutely stellar wisdom to not feel like we are required to do anything extra to perform or earn our worth in all this down time. Go read Isabel Abbott's words on the interwebs if you aren't convinced. Maybe we need to master the fine art of rest and spaciousness more than anything.

I'm open to all the possibilities of what this grand experiment may bring to light, for sure.