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bright spots in this week

my constant companion

*this little face smiling up at me
*kicking off the necklace project today
*being invited to contribute to a shiny new group blog as well as a deliciously bohemian artist's sleepover in vancouver next fall!
*my son saying, seriously "sorry i took so long, i was enjoying the art" upon returning from a trip to the bathroom (of all places)
*a six month check-up, all gold stars and a whopping 20lbs. 14oz. (no wonder my back kills :)
*finally getting in touch with a long lost friend, and making plans for an exciting creative collaboration
*making an artist's playdate with leah to go see this inspiring exhibit
*working in my new planner pad
*writing my artist's interview for madalyn's new ecourse i am going to be featured in (such an honor)
*reading harry potter in bed with my 6 year old
*sipping yummy wine from my cousin's vinyard
*plans with family and friends tomorrow
*savoring the latest issue of where women create
*watching julie & julia with my husband
*a three day weekend ahead