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in my world

here in my little corner of the world we are chasing summer even though we've welcome the arrival of fall. beautiful warm sunny days followed by cool comfortable nights have been a blessing. the basin is still full of life... boaters, summer birds like the beautiful white cranes, and lots of fish and crawly things for little boys to catch.

we've gone back to school and started first grade. we rode the bus for the very first time. we are making new friends, meeting new families, finding our way through the longer days in the classroom. we are reading like nobody's business! i am always amazed by what an incredible little person my oldest son is growing up to be.

and so i have time... time to spend with the littlest one. who is smiling, and cooing and gurgling. he is happy to be with his mommy (most of the time :) and to hang out in the sunny studio listening to music and chasing dreams.

a glowing stacy at squam

there have been artful connections made and whirlwind adventures, which has sparked a flurry of creative activity around here. lists and projects cover my table. emails fill my in-box. things are moving forward and it's really, really exciting. and even though there are dishes in my sink, 18 things (still) on my to-do list, laundry by the cellar door, and not enough hours in the day, i find myself content in this moment like it is right where i am supposed to be.