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the way back machine

It has been a while since I have moved paint around on a page, and last night the urge hit. I just allowed myself to follow the easy flow of choosing 3 colors and smearing them together, then making a few marks in my notebook. Nothing fancy. All joy.

I've also been combing through my stacks of magazines and old copies of Artful Blogging, searching for inspiration, artists to follow and old bloggers still sharing their creative lives. Of course I had to add a few collage bits as well. Maybe I need to go pick up a current issue. Hmm...

There's really something quite extraordinary that I can't quite put my finger on yet, to all this reflecting and reconnecting. What was once old feels like a bridge, a pathway full of wisdom and gifts, to something new and important to bring forward for these times. 

It's been through this excavation that I remembered the Way Back Machine, where I've able to recover 5 years of blogging archives and see many of my previous blogs and websites! Seriously, I was giddy over the discovery. Such a total and unexpected gift. I just though all those were lost. I'm uploading them all bit by bit to the archives here so they will all live in one place, and have been thrown way back down memory lane with each one. Wow. Giving myself a big dose of self compassion reading some of those early words, and also celebrating what a huge journey it truly has been! It's all part of who I am today.

If nothing else, all of this has reignited that simple creative spark I've been missing - to create simply for the sake of creating. There is nothing like tapping into that wondrous pull and shiny curiosity of ones own creative heart. I'd forgotten. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds and enjoy the sweet and slow process along the way.