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the year there was no squam

sunrise on the dock at Eldorado, Fall 2019

Following yesterday morning's announcement that there will be no Squam Art Workshops in the year 2020, the first time since its inception in 2008, I spent the day quietly grieving while also holding space for other people's wide range of emotions, side by side.

The outpouring of love, support and solidarity has been incredible, even overwhelming at times, and I've been so touched and inspired by all the different ways kindness and love has found a way to hold us in these uncertain times.

I have no better or more eloquent words at the moment. I am working as best I can to process all of the feelings and outcomes as things continue to shift and move beneath our feet. What I do know for sure is as we continue to navigate the devastating impact Covid19 will have on all of us as a community, a country, and an entire culture, I am certain of this deep and abiding truth: creativity and community will always be my way of life, what sustains me through the darkest times and what helps me find my way back into the light. And I carry that light within me in many ways, because of Squam. For that, I am ever so grateful.

full moon behind Long House, Fall 2019