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vitamin sea

On Saturday, we made our way up the coast headed to one of our favorite parks only to learn once we crossed the MA/NH border that all public beaches and parks in NH are now officially closed. There was forboding yellow caution tape cordoning off all the main parking lots on the drive up. Still, there were lots of people out walking along the craggy sidewalks and even a few surfers riding the swells. I imagine it won't be long before our state institutes the same rule, as it seems everywhere people continue to congregate. Our neighbors even had a little block party going on Friday, which we decidedly avoided.

In our last bid for some open air and sunshine before several days of rain rolled in, we found a place to pull off the scenic overlook along route 1A and climbed down to explore the rocky shoreline. The waves were wild and the air was briny, and it felt good to be swallowed up by the sound and rhythm of the sea. Alex and Athen skipped rocks for a good long while, and Owen and I hunted for heart rocks and the perfect ones to paint. Seems we often pair of this way - those two, two peas in a pod, energetic, extroverted - and my oldest and I of similar constitution, quietly internal, and creative in our own way. 

It was a good day for an impromptu picnic of local fried scallops and clams, which was a total treat to not have to cook, as the constant meal prep is now a thing. We're limiting the number of meals we take out contemplating the different exponential risks of going to a busy grocery store (where they are now spraying down carts between uses) vs. supporting our local restaurants who are taking safer precautions, like call ahead car-side drop off where they put your food on the hood of your car and go. 

On Sunday as the rain arrived, there were Voxers with friends, a funny family game of Pictionary that worked really well over Zoom - with the grandparents in Mexico and cousins in California - which made us all laugh and felt like a lifeline, homemade apple crisp and spanakopita - two easy recipes I know by heart, a movie date for the four of us (this new one, which we all enjoyed), and time spent on the various projects each of us are working on.

Mostly the weekend was good, except for the bits of really bad news that seep in and a make me catch my breath and the sirens I now notice in the background. Though I also now hear the church bells that ring in the evening, and knowing others nearby can hear their sound too brings a kind of comfort.

We are pretty content existing in our own bubble and this I know, in and of itself, is something to be very grateful for. We're doing our best to keep the germs, the worst news and worry at bay. It's a moment to moment thing. So far we're all okay.