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be seen project

In the spirit of imperfect, un-produced beginnings, yesterday I took the first step to finally get my Be Seen Project out into the world. Instead of an official polished 'Launch', I opted for a more honest grassroots initiation, getting our IG platform up in lights. I hope to create more visibility for artists and activists of color and our intersectional identities and narratives, including the #paperlanternluminaries which will specifically highlight the diverse diaspora of Asian American and Pacific Island artists and activists (hooray!). 

Here's to creating revolutionary love - the kind that takes action for social justice, anti-racism and equity!

Building this network and community feels so so good, like the exact antidote to something my heart is really longing for these days especially with all that's going on in the world. Head on over to follow, support, and be inspired by some pretty rad folx! I'm not sure where this will all lead, but I know for sure it's time for me to be in this work.