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family practicum in social distancing

Step 1:  head to a favorite outdoor spot where you can maintain at least 6' distance

Step 2:  pack masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, as well as snacks and water from home 

Step 3:  wear said mask on busy sidewalks with other people around you walking, biking, running

Step 4:  do your best to not touch anything but your own people and things 
(extra hugs are recommended)

Step 5:  say, "Sorry, no." - even though you feel badly - when someone asks to toss the football around with you

Step 6:  commune with the wind and the waves, the sunshine and the seagulls, and breathe.

Step 7:  collect treasures and sweet and joyful moments

Step 8:  carry out all your own trash and recycling so other's don't have to

Step 9:  wash hands upon returning home

Step 10:  be grateful for beautiful afternoons with people you love


  1. How lucky you are to have that water. And your three. xo


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