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Red Mask Project


A community craftivism initiative making handmade RED masks in support of anti-racism 

♥ RED for visibility of racism as a virus and public health crisis

♥ RED to STOP violence towards black and brown people

 RED for blood spilled and lives lost, but not forgotten

♥ RED for revolutionary action as LOVE

Make a mask. Wear a mask. Share a mask.

GET SCRAPPY! Use what you have in your stash to make your mask - an old t-shirt, leftover fabric, hair-tie elastics or ribbon work as ear loops.

If you'd like to buy supplies, please shop your local BIPOC or indie owned and allied store to source your red fabric and supplies. Small business are hurting right now and we can vote with our dollars who to support!

GATHER HERE in Cambridge, MA, POC and queer owned, has been leading the mask-making charge here in the Boston area and has solid red fabric in stock, as well as these four prints (below).

FANCY TIGER CRAFTS in Denver, CO, always outspoken about social justice issues, is carrying red fabric for your masks as well.

We are also looking for sewers to make masks! If you wish to help from wherever you are, please do get in touch!

Finished Red Masks and mask-making kits are also coming for those who don't sewall proceeds donated to #BlackLivesMatter.

Please contact organizer, Mindy Tsonas, to help and for details 
(via IG @mindytsonas or at mindytsonas at gmail dot com)

L to R:  Plus, Spark, Cross Hatch and Tracks