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how YOU can support the Be Seen Project

Thank you to everyone who's been showing up with your reaching out to find out ways to help support the Be Seen Project! Even though we are still in the scrappy, grassroots beginning, I have a clear vision for how I hope to advance this work. How You Can Support Create and Make for our Creative Calls to Action.  All of our featured initiatives are also craftivist projects in action! Use your creative superpowers to knit, sew, paint, scribble and quite literally *make* a difference. Volunteer as part of our Street Team.  Help amplify our work and connect artists and activists in your corner of the world! Host a conversation with me about the project. Create a fundraiser. Offer your time, your skills, your goods, your platform. There are a million creative ways you can put your talents to work - let's collaborate! DONATE  and help expand our reach, fund our micro grants, pay artists, and support community mutual aid. All donations over $25 are subscribed to our quarterly print  z