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Planner Cover Tutorial

You will need:

your new journal or planner
magazines you don't mind cutting up
glue sticks
1 sheet of blank sticker paper 
(trimmed to 1/2" smaller than your cover)

optional: brayer, washi tape, photos + other ephemera

Set up your space, put on your favorite music, and tune into your intuition!

Start by cutting out and collecting images and words that resonate with you. Inner Alchemy Collage is an embodied practice, so feel it more than think about it. Try to quiet the voice that wants to direct things and make them look or be "right". Simply go with what is calling to you. Follow your muse like a breadcrumb trail. Try not to overanalyze your choices.

Once you have a nice pile of things, begin to loosely lay them out on your sticker paper. I do not glue until my entire layout feels complete, this way if I want to move elements around I can. Once you are happy with the arrangement, begin to glue everything down. Be sure you are gluing on the front side of the sticker paper (I've done this the wrong way before ;) Use lots of glue(!) and don't skimp on corners and edges. If you have a brayer you can use this to help set pieces in place. If not, a firm hand will work fine.

Now for the magic...! Once your collage is complete, gently peel off the backing of the sticker paper and stick it to your cover. Smooth it all down, especially the corners. The sticker paper really helps your collage adhere to the cover, especially those with rough or coated surfaces, and last throughout the entire year. You may need to re-glue a small edge or corner here and there, but otherwise these stand up to time and daily wear surprisingly well. I do not glaze or coat mine with anything. You can use this process to personalize almost any cover!

One of my favorite parts of this process it to make note of the different symbols, words, colors and themes that emerge in your collage. They always tell a story and are a beautiful snapshot of who and where you are in this moment! It's also interesting how different meanings will emerge and shift over time, as you grow and evolve with the world around you. 

YOU are the magic.

Happy creating!

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Collage Journal


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