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Disrupting Craftivism

Craftivism & Capitalism June 2021 Panel recording Reducing Harm and Creating Greater Impact March 2021 Panel recording DISRUPTING CRAFTIVISM panel discussions are the result of hours of, how shall I say, *passionate* convos between Shannon Downey, a.k.a.  Badass Cross Stitch , and I, about the state of craftivism today. We are thrilled to finally be taking this step to expand the dialogue, think critically about how craftivism is functioning, who it’s benefiting, and most importantly discussing best practices for making real systemic change as a community of makers.  Our goal is to invite a variety of impactful and intersectional voices from the art, craft and activism community, to engage in honest dialogue as well as thoughtful and inspiring analysis. We will be hosting these conversations quarterly in hopes to engage with you, our beloved community, on the regular.  If there are topics, questions, or feedback you wish to share, please do reach out! Shannon and I are always happy