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My new Patreon Portal (it's not what you think)

You, my community, are really so amazing. Which is why I want to create things that are connective, intimate, inspiring, thought provoking, mold breaking, useful, impactful, reciprocal, and especially joy-giving. If this last year has taught me anything, it’s that we absolutely need each other.

So... this is me opting out of what no longer serves. I’m doing things differently and turning capitalism on its head. And it’s an experiment we will co-create together! I want to talk about hard things and nurture trust. I want to create experiences from a place of passion and care, not from a place of production, exclusion or exhaustion. Most of all, I want everyone who wants to come along to be a part of the work.

Welcome to my new Patreon Portal - it’s free and always will be - and it’s probably not what you’re used to seeing on that platform. I’m breaking the mold to use it to open source my work all in one place. To join, all you have to do is be present. If you throw a few dollars into my hat every month, I will always be grateful. This is all about exploring what might be possible if we invest more in one another instead of finished products. Energy can be exchanged in many ways, and it all has value.

I'm not sure what will become of this blog and site. It is all part of staying open to what's meant to come next.

You can read more and listen to my first post here. I’m all about humble beginnings and the messy and imperfect process. Here we go! 

Thank you for being along for the ride.