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Welcome to Rebel House

REBEL House is a place for radical art and co-creation where we practice Brave Belonging as activism.

This is the next iteration of my public (free) Patreon, and how I am building, connecting, igniting and activating. Welcome and deep gratitude for being a part of this communal living, dreaming, doing space and helping to create it!

This is a collective belonging space, an initiative, and a movement house.

It's where Brave Belonging is praxis work for disruption through connection - intentional and actionable. We are people coming together with a common goal: to use our creative visionary force to more impactfully belong to ourselves and one another.

Your presence is always what is most valued. We are doing togetherness differently here.

What REBEL House is NOT:

  • A space that values like-mindedness over active inclusivity. Sameness in belonging is only dividing us further.
  • Pay to play. Anyone can be a part of this movement house by simply showing up and taking part.
  • A business, a nonprofit, a lifestyle event or brand. We are people centering humanity and sustainability while disrupting harmful oppressive systems as we go.
  • Hierarchical - we are co-creating and sharing inspiration and ideas with generosity, reciprocity and mutual care.
  • A finished product. This is a dynamic, experimental, ever-shifting and evolving space for process, praxis, and play.
  • A space for answers or how-to's. Let's lean into living the questions and making brave asks.

I've been imagining studio visits, visionary salons, radical pop-ups, creative skill shares, virtual dinner parties strewn with twinkle lights, artful meet-ups, and especially an abundance of laughter and joy! 

Can you imagine it too? 

This is our new home for it all. Brave Belonging is how we will build it.

Become a part of REBEL House simply by being present. You can also offer monthly $ in support of this work which will help me continue to organize and build, and allow you to receive posts and conversations directly to your inbox. Either way, I am thrilled for us to be in creative conversation and radical disruption together! 

See you over there!