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Radical Business Summit

What if our businesses were tools for
liberation & social change?

In the world of mainstream business & marketing, profits and growth come first, people are "followers" and commodities, and speed is the name of the game.

We are sold programs and tactics designed to exploit, manipulate, and coerce people into buying our offerings. We're encouraged to "charge what we're worth", as if human beings have a price tag. The language of empire building is normalized and even celebrated (though as Pam Slim explores in her new book, "The Widest Net," empires are only ever good for the people at the very top).

The "experts" - usually rich, white, cis, thin, able-bodied folks with huge podcasts - assure us that wealth and success are on the other side of their dazzling, testimonial-laden program and rarely do we hear anything about addressing inequity, power, or tending to the state of the world.

Deep down, we know this way of doing business isn't sustainable - for ourselves, our clients, or the planet. The good news is there are long legacies of entrepreneurs & creatives who have been doing business differently.

They've shown us that we can resist capitalism's demand that we overwork ourselves and put a price tag on everything. We can center care in all that we do. We can begin enacting new ways of being in relationship with each other and the planet. But we can't do it alone.

At this summit, we will be learning and unlearning TOGETHER what it means to do business from a place of relationship and care.

Real-time live access is FREE on September 28-30th
but if you wish to have extended access to these conversations there are payment options for that as well. So honored to be a part of this event... see you there!

Full details and REGISTRATION HERE